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RGB Strip Light - Custom Length

RGB Strip Light - Custom Length

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Any length that you need!

Longer RGB Strip Light required to cover the whole ceiling of your room?

No worries we got you covered!

Highest Quality RGB Strip Light


- Modes: Flash, Fade, Strobe, Smooth
- LED Type: SMD 5050
- Length: Any Length (Minimum 9 meters / 30 Feet)
- Color: Multi-Color (16 COLORS)
- Waterproof

Experience the versatility and ambiance-enhancing capabilities of our Flas RGB Strip Lights. With various modes including Flash, Fade, Strobe, and Smooth, you can easily create captivating lighting effects to suit any occasion. Our strip lights feature SMD 5050 LEDs, ensuring vibrant and vivid colors that will transform your space. These strip lights offer ample coverage for your desired lighting project. Choose from 16 different colors to set the perfect mood or create a stunning visual display. Additionally, our strip lights are waterproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Elevate your decor and bring your space to life with Flas RGB Strip Lights.
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